23 Best Gifts for Friends in 2023 That They'll Actually Appreciate

The best gifts for friends can never replicate the chumminess of a phone call or IRL chill time. Still, a physical token is a great way to say “thanks for having my back” and “appreciate you never mentioning any number of embarrassments over the years” without you having to open up and dig deep into your emotions (uh, kidding, of course). The gift should cater to their interests—whether you’re searching for something to present to a coworker, your flaky friend who never returns calls because their “phone is always dead,” or the best-dressed person in your crew—and communicate some level of understanding of their quirks.

And though we don’t personally know your bestie, we tried our hardest to pull together the most thoughtful gift ideas for friends of all kinds—including work pals, consummate dinner party hosts, legendary college buds, and long-distance buddies who are a couple of time zones away. With these, and some scheduled catch-up time, you’ll be well on your way to making (or keeping) your Top 8 status.

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