47 Best Gifts for Boyfriends and Significant Others in 2024

Google “best gifts for boyfriend” and you may find yourself wading through pages and pages of middle-shelf brown liquors, various bottle openers and keychains, cushioned socks, and extremely swagless (but comfortable) sneakers. So, namely, good gifts for, like, a disappointing father-in-law on Father’s Day? You can do better, and we can lend a hand, in the latest installment of our best gift ideas series. No matter the special occasion, whether it’s a graduation gift, birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or you simply want to make date night a little more meaningful, we have the perfect gift for your man.

The Best Gifts for Boyfriends, According to GQ

The ideal gifts for your boyfriend only tick a few boxes. First, let’s make sure it sparks joy (duh). Second, it should level up his style whether or not the gift is actually clothing-related. Third, this gift should set the bar higher for the gifts that you’ll be receiving from him in the future. Finally, it should tell him “I love you,” even if you say that to his fave every day. If you can hit all four qualities in one gift and it’s also something you might borrow or enjoy from time to time—like a minimalist cardigan or a luxe couch throw—well, then that’s one very useful gift. Keeping all those criteria in mind, these picks are guaranteed to make the Google search results page for “best gifts for boyfriend” something we can all be proud of.

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