7 Best Turmeric Supplements, According to Registered Dietitians 2024

Most of the time, turmeric tea is not going to contain substantial amounts of curcumin like a capsule would, Hadley says. “However, they’re an easy way to add to your overall daily intake of curcumin.”

If you just want a turmeric boost, perhaps for your immune health, or to move along your gut health after a big meal, tea is a good choice to up your dose of turmeric. The taste might be just what you’re looking for. “I love this tea because it is organic and made up of ginger, turmeric, and black pepper for optimal flavor and absorption,” Hadley says.

Doses per package: 16 tea bags | Amount of turmeric/circumin: 1,520 mg of turmeric, ginger, peppercorn, and lemongrass blend

What we like: I stumbled upon this tea in Marshalls a couple of weeks ago (yes, check out the food section!), and it also happens to be nutritionist approved. It has a tiny kick of spice to it, but I drink turmeric and ginger tea all through the winter and spring to boost my immune health—so far, I’ve stayed healthy while drinking it for the past couple of weeks. It’s also vegan, organic, and quick to steep.

What to consider: This may not be enough curcumin to make a major difference in something like joint pain, for example. Also, turmeric isn’t soluble in water, so it needs some fat to break it down in the body, Dunne says. So when you’re adding it to a tea latte (or even taking it as a supplement), it’s important to add some dietary fat so it can best be used by the body.

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