8 Best Water Tables for Toddlers, According to Parents 2024

Original photo courtesy of Glamour contributor Brigitt Earley

Most toddler water tables out there are made of brightly-colored plastic that you can see from, well, a mile away. It’s typical of children’s toys, but may not be exactly what you want to look at in your backyard. Enter this mostly wooden option from Avenlur. It’s all one tone (dark brown) and expertly crafted out of heavy-duty, non-toxic real wood. There are some plastic components—two buckets for accessories, toys or water play, and a plastic liner that helps keep the wood clean—but they’re removable.

“You can tell this is a really well-made water table,” one tester told Glamour. “It’s heavy and very sturdy, so it’s unlikely to tip, even if the kids pull on it.” Overall, the two-tiered table is relatively simple—but in a good way. There are multiple basins for the kids to pour water, plus tracks and waterwheels to watch it travel.

The biggest downside is that this water toy is very labor intensive to put together. “The parts are labeled with stickers, and some of them had fallen off in the box, which made decoding each part a little time-consuming,” our tester says. “I had to drill everything together too, which made me extra nervous about making a mistake.”

What we love: Very durable and stable; made almost entirely of wood

What could improve: Difficult to assemble

Recommended age: 1 year and older / Dimensions: 32 x 16 x 34 inches / Weight: Not listed

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