99Bitcoins Presale Hits $2 Million Milestone – Is It The Next 10x Crypto?

The 99Bitcoins presale has hit the $2 million milestone, continuing to draw interest from smart-money traders as well as retail investors. 

The token’s learn-to-earn utility, in addition to 99Bitcoin’s popularity as a top crypto learn platform, has resulted in experts being bullish on this new cryptocurrency. 

Popular YouTube trading expert Jacob Bury even believes that 99BTC could potentially be the next 10x crypto. 

Why Are Smart-Money Traders Bullish On 99Bitcoins?

Jacob Bury isn’t the only popular crypto influencer backing 99BTC’s high upside potential. Crypto Boy goes even a step further, hinting at possible 100x returns while Matthew Perry simply stated that the returns could be “massive”. 

All the aforementioned experts have made several excellent early calls on new tokens in this bull market alone. Therefore, their call on 99BTC is not one to be dismissed. 

After all, while it may be a new cryptocurrency, 99BTC does not come with the same risks as other new tokens. 99Bitcoins is not a new name in the crypto-sphere. It is one of the top crypto education platforms, with 2.8 million subscribers on its website and another 700k on its YouTube channel. 

In fact, 99Bitcoins was launched in 2013, even before the Ethereum blockchain. Eyeing the upcoming bull market, it has finally decided to launch its native cryptocurrency, 99BTC. 

99BTC will be at the core of 99Bitcoins’ transformation from a crypto education platform to a learn-to-earn ecosystem. Existing and new learners will now receive substantial financial incentives for continuing to be a part of this ecosystem. 

Considering the millions of subscribers that 99Bitcoins boasts, the new cryptocurrency has the potential to emerge as one of the top-performing tokens. 

How Can 99BTC Token Holders Maximize Their Returns?

As previously mentioned, experts believe that 99BTC has high upside potential and could be the next 10x crypto. In such a scenario, early presale buyers will gain the maximum returns. 

For instance, the 99BTC price currently stands at $0.00108. However, it will be substantially higher after the completion of the current presale stage on Tuesday. 

However, the benefits for token holders are not limited to price gains only. They could stake their holdings in the 99Bitcoins staking protocol and generate attractive passive income, currently at an APY of over 800%. 

Furthermore, token holders will gain exclusive access to alpha trading signals and VIP groups, both of which could result in significant gains during a bull market. Additionally, they could receive mentoring, exclusive training courses, etc. 

To top it all off, 99Bitcoins has announced its own airdrop campaign. 99 lucky winners will receive a combined drop of $99,999 in Bitcoin, which pans out to over $1000 per winner. Considering that experts are projecting a Bitcoin super cycle to start soon, this airdrop win could end up being a small fortune. 

Interested participants can head to the 99Bitcoins website and use the Gleam widget to participate. 

How to Buy 99BTC in Presale?

Interested buyers can visit the 99Bitcoins website and use the over-the-counter widget to buy the 99BTC token. 

With 99BTC being an ERC-20 token during the presale, investors can simply swap ETH or ERC-20 USDT to purchase the token. Alternatively, they can use BNB – however, such investors won’t be able to take advantage of the presale staking. 

Investors are also advised to follow the 99Bitcoins X and Telegram accounts to keep up with the latest updates. 

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