A Blushing Sydney Loft Apartment With NYC-Inspired Interiors

Working with a tiny 119-square-metre footprint in Sydney’s inner-east, Folk Studio director Mariah Burton had to be clever with her use of space.

The two-bedroom loft apartment belongs to a creative couple who recently moved back to the hustle and bustle of Surry Hills from Byron Bay. While the structural integrity and architectural bones of the loft were solid, the apartment lacked vibrancy and character — particularly as the couple moved in with minimal furniture of their own.

Luckily for Mariah, this meant she was able to work with a blank canvas. The project focused less on redesigning the floor plan, and more on cosmetic upgrades — styling and furnishing — including the implementation of custom storage solutions to improve the functionality of the small space.

‘We wanted to design a space that felt completely different to what you may find in a Sydney loft apartment,’ Mariah explains.

The initial colour palette was informed by one of the first pieces of furniture acquired — an ultra comfy blush pink sofa. From here, Mariah and her team designed custom joinery in a rich maroon tone.

Inspired by the interiors of New York City apartments (including many Architectural Digest references), the clients wanted a home filled with layered and contrasting materials, patterns and colours.

Viola marble in the bathrooms, a vintage red chequered Turkish rug in the living room, and lighter maroon and clay tones throughout the bedrooms ensured the continuity of the original colour scheme. On the other hand, unlikely synergies were formed between the reds, maroons and pinks with accents like blue, khaki and even mustard.

As the entrance area felt like ‘dead space’, Mariah also created a reading nook beside the main living zone to provide a sense of separation within the small, open-plan layout.

As a result, the home now serves as a cosy retreat full of life and colour, away from the rush of everyday life.

‘We successfully crafted a new space that captures their creativity as a couple, enabling them to finally feel a sense of pride in their home,’ Mariah adds.

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