Dakota Johnson Gave Us a Lesson on the Perfect Vintage Summer Updo

Dakota Johnson is definitely high on our list of style crushes. She never missteps when it comes to serving up outfits that are equal parts covetable, wearable, and classic. Likewise, her statement bangs were giving timeless inspo long before TikTok sold us on quiet luxury.

While Dakota tends to wear her long hair straight, shiny, and loose most of the time, we’ve noticed there is one hairstyle in particular that she keeps regularly in her rotation so that things stay interesting and elevated (quite literally). And, like her style, it’s charming, cute, and references an old-school aesthetic.

The style in question is the vintage updo favored by the likes of such ’50s film stars as Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. Most recently, we saw Dakota wear the style while visiting the LA set of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on June 19.

For the occasion, Dakota chose a classic white T-shirt, black cardigan, and bootleg jeans, but she added some sophistication with some retro cat-eye sunglasses, chunky gold hoops, and a Hepburn bun piled high on the crown of her head. But she added her own spin by keeping her full, swishy fringe out and loosening the strands around her face to make the look a little less polished and more casual.

Take a look:

Dakota Johnson on June 19 in Los Angeles.


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She paired her timeless updo with a another classic look: a pair of jeans, a black cardigan, and gold hoops.


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