Donald Trumps Crypto Holdings Exceeds $10M — Why You Should Buy These Top Crypto Coins Ahead of the Bull Season

Recent data shows that Donald Trump’s on-chain holdings exceeded the $10M mark, a milestone analysts believe was driven by the massive rally of the TRUMP coin. The TRUMP coin, named after the former US president, has been gaining traction for months, with an over 87,000% rally since its launch last year.

Meanwhile, analysts believe now is the best time to stack your portfolio ahead of the market rally. After studying the market trends and ecosystem developments, top crypto analysts have picked KangaMoon, Polygon, Toncoin, Litecoin and as the top crypto coins to invest in ahead of the bull run. Let’s see why you need to buy these cryptos before the expected rally.

KangaMoon Token Holders Hits 10K Milestone As Staking dApp Goes Live

The KangaMoon ongoing presale has hit a new milestone with over 10,000 holders. The community has grown to over 32,000 members as the meme coin continues to gain global attention. The KangaMoon price is also surging, with an over 400% rally in the past few weeks. As such, early buyers have gotten 400% ROI. The KangaMoon native token KANG is sold for just $0.025.

The presale is in the bonus stage and buying now comes with incentives. You get a bonus when you use the promo code KANGLBC01. The Kangameme contest is also ongoing, which rewards users with a $50 monthly reward. In the past weeks, KangaMoon partnered with RaidSharksbotto boost engagement. Those who join the thrilling raid stand a chance of getting the $1000 monthly reward.

Meanwhile, the KangaMoon staking dApp is live, and users can stake their assets for maximum APY. The KANG token has been listed on the two crypto data aggregator websites, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. As such, traders have the opportunity to track the market price and make investment decisions. As one of the best crypto coins in the market, analysts project 50x rallies on the listing.

Notably, BitMart CEX exchange has announced plans to list the token. Other CEX exchanges are likely to follow soon. As such, the KANG price is tipped to hit $1 in 2024, making it a top crypto to buy for investors looking to triple their investment. As a platform, KangaMoon will integrate GameFi and SocialFi to give users a seamless ecosystem to play games and win rewards. We recommend you check it out.

Polygon Price Analysis — Bullish Rally Ahead

In the past week, the majority of Polygon news has been positive, driving the price beyond a key resistance zone. A few days ago, Polygon underwent a structural change, which saw its co-founder Sandeep Nailwal assume the role of chief business officer (CBO). Based on the announcement, Nailwal will focus on Polygon-developed tools related to ZK-proofs while working on Polygon CDK, a ZK-based software toolkit designed to allow developers to create new layer 2 chains on Ethereum and transition between chains.

In another development, CryptoGames, a leading online crypto-based casino, has announced that it now accepts Polygon for both deposits and withdrawals. This announcement aligns with Polygon’s goals of expanding its adoption in the crypto space. Analysts believe this positive news will trigger a massive rally for the top crypto coin.

Based on market analysis from CoinMarketCap, Polygon’s price has broken the key $0.73 resistance zone, a move that could see the coin hit the $1 mark in the coming weeks. Although Polygon’s trading volume and market cap are down, analysts believe a rebound and possibly a rally are coming soon. As such, Polygon should be considered for investors looking for the best crypto to invest in June.

Toncoin Price Prediction — Will the Coin Hit $10 in June?

Toncoin is one of the top crypto coins that has witnessed massive rallies in the past few weeks. Its affiliation with Telegram has been the driving factor. From a price value of $2.7 in early March, Toncoin’s price hit an all-time high of $7.65 on April 11, representing an over 250% rally within three months. In the past 30 days, Toncoin’s price has gained 23%, with a slight 3% rally in the weekly price chart.

Moving forward, the Toncoin technical analysis shows that the coin has broken through the $6.4 key resistance zone, a move that could see the coin retest the $7 mark in June. The Toncoin key market indicators are bullish, with the coin trading above the 200-day and 50-day EMAs. Top crypto analyst Amin Azarmi believes that a successful breakout above the current resistance zone will trigger a move to $7 to $7.5 in the coming weeks, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Litecoin Price Eyes $90 As Holders Resist Selling Pressure

Litecoin cryptocurrency was developed to allow for faster, secure, and low-cost payments by utilizing the unique properties of blockchain technology. In the past few months, Litecoin token adoption has skyrocketed, with the coin trumping Bitcoin and Dogecoin as the most widely used crypto for payment on BitPay. Following the approval of Ethereum ETF, there are speculations that Litecoin ETF is the next in line, a move analysts believe will skyrocket the adoption of LTC.

As the longest-running PoW blockchain with 100% uptime, Litecoin has witnessed massive whale accumulation in the past weeks. Data from IntoTheBlock revealed that Litecoin whales accumulated 2,751,633 LTC in the past month as the token’s adoption keeps growing. This positive news is reflected in the Litecoin price chart, which shows a bullish pattern.

Although Litecoin trading volume and market cap are declining, the price has broken through the key $82 resistance trendline while eyeing a retest of the $90 mark. Having tested the $100 mark in April, analysts believe the coin will surpass the mark in June, putting Litecoin on experts’ lists of the best cryptocurrency to buy ahead of the bull season. Price Surges As It Awaits ASI Launch Update

A few months ago, the three top AI tokens,, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET, announced plans to launch ASI tokens. With the AI market cap standing at over $34B, analysts believe the launch will push it above $50B. While there is no update for the ASI token slated to launch this month, AI tokens like are gaining transactions as a result of positive news from the AI industry.

Market data from CoinMarketCap shows that the price of has increased by 7% in the past month, moving from $2.14 to over $2.60 a few days before the market downturn. In the same vein, the market cap is now close to $2B, with analysts tipping it to hit $5B in June.

The key market indicators are showing a buy signal, with the Fear and Greed Index showing Greed (72). As such, major price predictions tip the price to retest its ATH of $3.47 in June. A popular crypto analyst, Trade4ddict, believes a breakout could see the price pump to $3.5 very soon. This makes FET one of the best cryptos to buy now and HODL.

Which of the Top Crypto Coins Above To Buy?

Although all the above top crypto coins have the capacity to trigger massive rallies in the coming weeks, not all can guarantee significant returns. With KangaMoon set for listing in popular CEX exchanges in the coming days, there is a high chance of a massive rally that comes with the token listing. As such, it might be wise to accumulate the token now before it hits exchanges.

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