Drew Barrymore Explains Why She Won’t Get Plastic Surgery, and This Actually Makes a Lot of Sense

Barrymore’s concerns about becoming addicted to plastic surgery are not unfounded. Several studies have found that body modifications can become addictive, especially to people who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. Even those who don’t experience a clinical addiction can get caught in a cycle that’s difficult to break free from. Courteney Cox shared in 2023 that for her, getting cosmetic procedures had a “domino effect.”

“You look in the mirror and go, Oh, that looks good, you think, and you don’t realize what it looks like to the outside person, and just doing too many fillers and having to have them removed—which thank God they are removable—I think I messed up a lot and now luckily I can,” Cox shared. “I was able to reverse most of that, now I’m actually just older.”

For now Drew Barrymore is “embracing” getting older and all that comes with it. “[Aging] means you’re alive, you’re living, and that’s a really good thing,” she said. “Embracing aging is such positive, healthy messaging.”

Above all else, the mother of two is focused on her health. “Health really comes into focus more than anything when there is peril,” she told People. “If you have your health, then you can focus on so many other things—including beauty. But it really is the most important thing of all.”

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