Elle Fanning Stepped Out in the Only Dress I Want to Wear All Summer

Elle Fanning may have found the one summer dress that could get me through an entire season. Maybe even next season too.

But let me back up: It’s said that Sofia Coppola decided some time ago to dress almost exclusively in a uniform. It seems standing in front of the closet every morning was precious time the director and daughter of Francis Ford Coppola was not willing to waste. One less decision meant a few minutes returned to an already packed day.

At a time when there are way too many options when it comes to dressing, it’s worth considering the idea of reducing your closet to the bare minimum. Buy less and better, take things off instead of putting them on, and instead get to dedicate those precious minutes we usually spend on our appearance to other tasks. And this idea doesn’t have to belong solely to filmmakers like Coppola—or any other stressful profession that requires a lot of decision making, for that matter. No, it’s something we could all use because everyone has to choose between this or that from the moment we get out of bed.

And I think Elle Fanning just gave me a sign that it’s time to go ahead with a plan of uniform dressing. The actor—who, by the way, has worked multiple times with Coppola (coincidence or not)—wore a beautiful dress during an event for Roku Gin to unveil a campaign that, you guessed it, was directed by Coppola.

More important, Fanning gave us an important reminder: Uniforms do not have to be boring nor lacking in color. The only requirement, really, is that the look should be nice, easy, and natural. Something Fanning’s vintage John Galliano dress does well. It can be worn with any shoe and at any time, and there’s no trend that wouldn’t want this on its mood board. Dress it up for an event, as Fanning does here, or throw on a sandal for the perfect beachside look. If it’s comfortable, pretty, and timeless, what else do you need?

Elle Fanning in vintage John Galliano.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

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