Gifts Under $100 in 2023: 47 Great Gifts Under $100 for Everyone on Your List

You have a single Benjamin in your wallet—or bank account—and you need to buy a gift. “Gifts under $100” seems like a sad place to look, but you can find a surprising amount of needles in this haystack that we call the internet. Look, we all want to buy people cashmere and noise-cancelling AirPods, but spending gobs of cash on a gift (especially for someone you don’t really know) isn’t always realistic. Even the people you love the most can’t push you to go into debt just to get them an expensive item. Cheap gifts can veer into terribly cheesy and terribly useless gag gift territory, but resist the urge to Supermarket Sweep your way through the mall—or worse, Starbucks—an hour before lift off, a.k.a the gift exchange. When you’re shopping on a budget, like you are with your crisp $100 bill, you have to get creative—or turn to us to get you the gifts that’ll please, joy, and excite.

And to top it all off, get the nice wrapping paper to seal that deal that you aren’t a cheap bastard and you do, in fact, care. Here are some great gifts under $100 that’ll keep some cash in your wallet and you in the good graces of your giftee.

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