IDSVA Students Travel the World With Residencies in Mexico City, Athens, and Marrakech

As a true nomadic institution, the Institute for Doctoral Arts in the Visual Arts (IDSVA) does not have a campus. We exist everywhere our students and faculty are. Below is a sampling of notes shared by students during recent residencies in Mexico City, Athens, and Marrakech.

“IDSVA appealed to me because of the way it was structured. I’m an international teacher, so I wanted to continue working during my program, and IDSVA enabled me to do that. Because of the online format, and then the intensive residencies, I was able to continue working, be with my family, but then have these very rich and intense learning opportunities through the three years of course work.”

Maggie McKee, PhD Candidate, Cohort ’20

“If I were to create a PhD program, this would be it. I just love how it’s structured. It’s a hybrid program, so you do a lot of the course work, go to lectures online, and then go on these fantastic residencies across the world.”

Monica Bryant, Cohort ’21

“IDSVA’s blend of online and in-person residencies has taken me on a captivating journey around the world.”

Rikiesha Metzger, PhD Candidate, Cohort ’19

“The ability to travel is one of the reasons this program is so special, and one of the reasons I chose to do it. Being [in Mexico City] is magical.”

Amy Schuessler, PhD Candidate, Cohort ’20

“I feel very privileged to be able to study with these people, have conversations with these people, and also for them to challenge me in ways that I have never been challenged….We’re in amazing beautiful places, we’re traveling the world, and we’re able to experience it with each other.”

Elliot Bowers, Cohort ’21

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The testimonials provided were put together by IDSVA videographer, Christopher Andrew.

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