Looks Like a Second Snoopy MoonSwatch Is on the Way

Last Friday, Omega and Swatch finally released the long-teased Snoopy MoonSwatch. A full two years after the affordable take on the Speedmaster first landed, new versions like the Snoopy are still attracting crowds large and thirsty enough to make stores shutter early. And for good reason: I called the MoonSnoopy—officially known as the MoonSwatch Mission to Moonphase—my favorite of all 22 editions last week. Now, Swatch and Omega are hinting that they aren’t done with the Peanuts pup just yet.

I feel like a detective who missed a clue that would have blown this whole case open! In the two-month-long lead up to the MoonSnoopy, Swatch dropped various hints alluding to its release. I collected what I thought were all the breadcrumbs pointing towhat Omega and Swatch would eventually drop and when that drop would happen. But it turns out I overlooked a crouton-sized piece of evidence, my dear Watsons. In a mid-February post on Instagram, Swatch showed Snoopy carrying a birthday cake—a sign that the MoonSnoopy would arrive on the MoonSwatch’s second birthday, March 26th. But the cake and its pair of white and black candles were loaded with even more symbolism than I realized.

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I mean, really, who knew that a Swatch Instagram Reel required more decoding than a Taylor Swift album? On Saturday, Swatch shared a video that suggests the black candle signifies more than just the MoonSwatch’s second trip around the sun. In the new video, Snoopy attempts to blow out the candles, but the black one remains lit much to his shock. It’s not difficult to surmise, then, that there’s still another MoonSnoopy on the way—likely an all-black mirror image of the original.

If you missed the original Mission to Moonphase release, here’s what you need to know. The newest MoonSwatch is the most complicated version yet. At just $310, you get a moonphase complication that spins Snoopy around among the stars. The center of the moonphase also glows in the dark with a phrase taken directly from a Peanuts comic strip: “I can’t sleep without a night light!” And the Snoopy of it all isn’t a random tie-in, either. The cartoon beagle has long appeared on highly coveted versions of the Omega Moonwatch, a reference to the Silver Snoopy Award given to NASA astronauts. It’s just another one of the sprouts from Omega’s work with NASA that’s borne fruit. Given all that, the black MoonSnoopy is sure to be another hit. If you’re already in line for the white version, stay in line.

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