Parents everywhere will relate to HGTV star Erin Napier’s bittersweet feelings about her youngest

Parenting is chock full of “firsts” big and small, but sometimes the most bittersweet moments and milestones are the “lasts,” something Erin Napier can relate to. The HGTV “Home Town” star recently shared an Instagram photo of her three-year-old daughter Mae wearing her favorite unicorn costume for the last time, and fellow parents will understand her feelings about what it’s like when your kid outgrows something they’ve always loved.

Showing off a photo of Mae in the bathroom wearing the fuzzy teal costume, Napier opened up in the caption of her post about the significance of the adorable outfit. “I saw a ‘last time’ and knew it: the passed down 2T unicorn costume they loved that I got at Dirt Cheap for $3 was worn for the last time this week,” she wrote. “It’s comforting to capture it, for some reason. 🙂 We’re losing her babyness but getting real, sweet, thoughtful conversations in exchange.”

Mae had just celebrated her third birthday on June 1, with Napier and her husband Ben Napier throwing their youngest daughter a Christmas-themed party for the occasion, at Mae’s request of course. But it seems that for Erin, the last wear of a beloved costume marked the end of some sweet moments with her daughter, while the chatty nature of a three-year-old became a new favorite milestone.

And like so many ‘lasts’ in life, parents sometimes don’t know it was the last time until later on, and it’s all part of the emotional rollercoaster of parenting that no one prepares you for.

Erin and Ben also share a daughter Helen, 6, and the couple frequently shares tidbits about their family on social media with fans. It seems their girls are thick as thieves, with the sister duo supporting each other in all their big moments, as Erin shared on Instagram in 2023.

During Helen’s ballet rehearsal, the proud mom shared a photo of her girls snuggled up together. In the caption, she wrote: “Mae was cheering in the front row, and Helen was squinting into the spotlight, smiling and waving from the stage for her baby sister who called back, ‘HEY SISSY!’ As they watched the younger ballerinas do their rehearsal, Helen whispered to Mae, ‘you can be up there one day.’”

“It’s fascinating to watch siblings become friends,” she concluded.

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