Suki Waterhouse Has ‘Cool Mum’ Status Already


That is why Suki Waterhouse’s first official mum-to-be moment off-stage feels so approachable. Directional, even. Photographs have been released today of her strolling around Beverly Hills last week in a boxy leather jacket with concrete-scraping boho trousers and an XL leopard-print Ferragamo handbag, that could just as feasibly double up as a baby changing bag. But—as a man that will never get pregnant—I don’t have much to offer on how women should dress while their body goes through such a significant change. It seems the most powerful thing to do, however, is to not change your relationship to your style at all. Whether that’s wearing a baker boy cap and corduroy flares like Waterhouse, or mesh archive bodysuits as favored by Rihanna.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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