Taylor Swift Wore an Underrated Investment Bag You Probably Don't Know About (but Definitely Should)

Most Taylor Swift fans would agree that she’s not a Fashion GirlTM. Don’t get me wrong: The 34-year-old pop star has fantastic style and a closet anyone would be lucky to raid—it’s just that she’s more likely to get papped wearing well-known, accessible brands like Madewell and Ralph Lauren than high-fashion It-girl options like Loewe.

Much like her close friend Blake Lively, Swift gives off the vibes of a celebrity that dresses herself for a night out rather than rely on a stylist off the red carpet. Personally, that makes me more inclined to purchase a piece I’ve seen her wear, because I know she truly loves it (and that it may actually fall within my price range).

For that reason, I was both surprised and delighted to see Taylor Swift carrying my personal dream bag on a recent Nobu date with Travis Kelce. Dressed in a soft spring palette to match her Tortured Poets era, Swift completed her pleated khaki miniskirt, simple sweater, and Reformation loafers with the Diane Messenger bag by French luxury brand Joseph Duclos. You can see the photos here.

Joseph Duclos Diane Messenger Bag

Relaunched in 2021, Joseph Duclos is an 18th-century French luxury brand that is simply not discussed enough in this current golden era of designer It bags. While I don’t own one of these pieces myself, I was lucky enough to check out the Diane Collection during a recent press preview and was beyond impressed by the craftsmanship and hidden historical details. For example, the bottom of each bag is molded with a metal plaque engraved with an excerpt from the original 1754 Letters Patent signed by King Louis XV in Versailles.

There is a uniqueness to these investment pieces I’d prefer over other current designer favorites like the woven Bottega Andiamo bag or Prada’s Arqué leather shoulder bag (though both of those bags are gorgeous).

Can we please talk about this clasp? So satisfying.

Emily Tannenbaum

Of all the Joseph Duclos bags, the Diane Collection is my favorite, as each piece features a unique arrow-shaped clasp, inspired by its namesake: Diana, the goddess of the hunt. “Just like her, it celebrates femininity that is both powerful and natural,” the brand’s website reads. Can you think of a more perfect bag for the woman who wrote “The Archer”?

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