Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein Has Some Relationship Goals That Might Surprise You

Brett Goldstein remembers August 13, 2020, clearly. That was the night before Ted Lasso premiered on Apple TV+ and would forever change life as he knew it. The British actor, comedian, and writer was already carving out a name for himself in the business—but playing Roy Kent, an aging all-star soccer player with a penchant for foul language and a heart of gold, has earned him multiple Emmys, a global following, and coveted (by my standards, at least) appearances on Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock

And yet, on that late summer night, he wasn’t sure if anyone would watch Ted Lasso, let alone become obsessed with it. 

“I was terrified,” Goldstein tells Glamour via Zoom ahead of the season-three premiere in Los Angeles. “Whenever you make anything, you are handing the baby over to the world. You’re like, Fuck, I don’t know what people are going to say about our baby. I honestly didn’t think anyone would watch Ted Lasso. I thought, I’m sure 100 people will watch it and they won’t like the British-Americanness of it.”

Even if they did like the comedy series starring Jason Sudeikis as an American college football coach who moves to England to coach a soccer team, the 42-year-old didn’t have high hopes for the character of Roy. “I was truly very nervous because I’m taking some pretty big swings with him and doing this voice, this stunt, the whole thing,” he says. “I was like, What if this is shit? I think I called Hannah [Waddingham, who plays Rebecca] and said, ‘Are we going to survive this? Is this all going to be okay?’”

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