The Coolest Types of Ear Piercings to Try in 2024

If the last time you got an ear piercing was at Claire’s, then we have news for you: Cool ear piercings are officially having a moment. Naturally, the types of ear piercings you choose to get matters. Back in the day, you could get one or two studs in your lobe or maybe cartilage piercings to prove how edgy you were. But in 2024 there are different types of ear piercings for every single vibe, along with tons of earrings to match.

“Social media has made it easier to see what types of ear piercings are possible, and the unique, modern jewelry you can wear with them,” says Sam Hayler, lead piercer at London’s Astrid and Miyu jewelry shop and salon. “The fact that you don’t have to start with a plain silver ball helps when getting a piercing to mark a special event or birthday.”

According to Samantha Alvarado, RN, the director of nursing and education for Rowan Piercing Studio, there was a noticeable uptick in piercings—especially nontraditional ones—during the pandemic. “Because you couldn’t see what was under the mask, piercings became the new lipstick,” she explains.

And piercing doesn’t have to be a solo activity; in fact, it has become something fun for friends to do together. “I think that piercing parties are going to be a strong trend in 2024,” says Melinda Maria, founder of the jewelry line with the same name. These gatherings where the gals can hang and get pierced are basically the new Tupperware party, only instead of leaving with plastic containers whose lids you’ll inevitably lose, you’re leaving with something a little more permanent.

Ready to get a new piercing? With so many options, choosing where to start can be overwhelming. We spoke to top piercing specialists about the coolest piercing trends to try in 2024. From tragus piercings to snakebites, scroll on for the earring trends that are about to be everywhere.

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