The FatBoy Game, The New Tamagotchi Revolution

Remember those beloved Tamagotchis or the Sims whom everyone fell in love with?

FatBoy stems from the nostalgia concept and takes it up a notch with a modern twist: Play-to-Earn! This innovative game lets you choose your FatBoy character and raise and engage with the chubby MEME Tamagotchi, all while earning $FATTY tokens.

Furthermore, with robust and sustainable tokenomics, its ecosystem goes beyond the basic blockchain games, which often need more tech, gameplay, or finances.

But let’s find out more and see how to ignite big rewards!

Raise the FatBoy and Earn $FATTY Tokens

From the beginning, we must appreciate the ingenuity of the FatBoy game. It is Free-to-Pay for Web2 users without token involvement, while for Web3 participants, it presents multiple Play-to-Earn opportunities, whereby the more you deposit, the more you earn!

Here are the basics:

1. Meet Your FatBoy Companion

It’s time to choose your FatBoy, your MEME Tamagotchi buddy! Pick the one who steals your heart, and remember you’re responsible for his happiness.

Don’t let him down, but keep him happy, smiling, and well-fed, and in return, he’ll keep you rewarded!

2. Give Him Love, Feasts, and Pets

Join a challenge and make your FatBoy the happiest little chubster in the Metaverse! You’re his best friend, so do everything you can to satisfy him.

Moreover, you can buy him cool gear and adorable pets and discover the most effective strategies to maximize your playtime.

It’s all in your hands, and FatBoy needs you! Once the game is fully launched, new minigames will be introduced for the brain, sports, sleeping games, cooking, and artsy.

So, train his brain with basic calculation executions, sudoku, and memory games. If not in the mood, choose in-game running, shooting, matches, and other sports activities to entertain your FatBoy.

Also, there are minigames and exercises to make your FatBoy sleepy and happy, as well as cooking and artsy games like painting, drawing, and more!

3. Earn $FATTY Tokens

Your dedication to your FatBoy pays off! By keeping him happy and completing different challenges, you’ll be rewarded with $FATTY tokens.

FatBoy’s innovative Play-to-Earn system makes it a sustainable and rewarding experience. So join a challenge, keep your FatBoy happy, and watch your $FATTY stack grow!

Now, let’s move along and discover the FatBoy ecosystem that upholds the game, the community, and endless excitement.

Exploring the FatBoy Ecosystem That Drives Your Gains

As we all know, many games on the market purely rely on gaming rewards without foreseeing the needs of the entire ecosystem and all its implications, such as presales, marketing, staking, and others.

However, with FatBoy, it’s different, as this blockchain project takes it up a notch and thinks of everything, from keeping users engaged and rewarded to $FATTY presales, staking, and more.

Therefore, its tokenomics is well-rounded, just as your FatBoy dreams of a big and round pepperoni pizza.

FatBoy Tokenomics

For the total supply of 1,000,000,000, and given the initial market cap of $991,000, the allocation goes as follows:

  • 41% goes to the presales phases, set to start at the end of June 2024, so be sure to catch this opportunity, as you can buy the $FATTY token for $0.016 before jumping to $0.030;

  • 7% of the supply is dedicated to the VC round;

  • 5% will go to the FatBoy team for their dedicated commitment, hard work, and extensive efforts in developing the Meme Tamagotchi of the year;

  • 12% of $FATTY goes to liquidity pools;

  • 10% are saved up for staking; 

  • 10% represents the in-game rewards to spice things up, just as FatBoy wishes for a spicy burger;

  • 1% goes to beta testing rewards to keep the wheels rolling and the gameplay flawless;

  • 2% are saved for all its advisors;

  • 11% goes to sustaining marketing efforts while promoting the game;

  • 1% of the $FATTY tokens are dedicated to the Initial DEX Offering.

So, slice by slice, there goes the robust tokenomics that any player dreams of!

Join the FatBoy Ecosystem and Stay in The Loop!

Learn more about this emerging project from its official website and whitepaper. Engage with the community and check out its social media on X (Twitter), Discord, Instagram, and Telegram, as humor is part of the strategy.


Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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