The New Australian Lighting Studio Making Waves (Literally!)

The New Australian Lighting Studio Making Waves (Literally!)


by Amelia Barnes

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Sundown Lighting Wave, Oscillate, and Kich pendants.

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Sundown Lighting product designer and founder Chris Delia.

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Sundown Lighting House pendant.

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Sundown Lighting Turn pendant.

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Sundown Lighting Never Never sconce.

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Sundown Lighting Oscillate pendants.

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Sundown Lighting Boyds floor lamp.

Chris Delia is the talented product designer behind Geelong’s exciting new lighting studio, Sundown Lighting.

The practice recently launched its inaugural collection of handcrafted pendants, lamps, and sconces all made from recycled Australian hardwood timber. The materials are classic but provide a space with personality through the integration of pattern, interesting shape, and fine detailing.

Chris’ interest in timber can be drawn back to his early career years spent building boats out of carbon fibre.

‘I love learning about the unique properties of different materials and was inspired by how one moment the carbon fibre can be fabric on a roll, and within a few hours it’s formed into a high performance piece of precision design,’ he explains.

Another job had a similarly specialised focus — this time on leather. ‘I was suddenly working with well known interior designers, producing works for oligarchs and sheiks, installing leather walls, floors, and handrails in mansions and on super yachts,’ says Chris.

‘I loved it because it was really creative and often challenging. I liked the balance of being respectful of a natural material while still being playful with it through shape, texture, and use of colour.’

Chris later moved to Canada where he headed up the production team of a large furniture and lighting design company. ‘It was here I learnt about not only how to design lights but also how to manufacture them at scale.’

These experiences combined gave Chris the know-how and inspiration to start Sundown Lighting upon returning to Australia.

‘I knew I could take everything I had learned and make lighting that I felt was reflective of being back in Australia: innovative but informal, something more laid back and playful than the work I had helped to produce abroad,’ he says.

Working alongside his partner Stephanie, who works in strategy and operations and has a commercial mindset, Sundown Lighting was born.

Chris chose timber (including Victorian ash, blackwood, and red gum) as the practice’s primary material for its inherent Australian qualities that ground the designs in this landscape and create a sense of place.

‘I also knew I didn’t want to use new wood, I have seen the waste that the furniture industry can produce so wanted to minimise that as much as possible. Every piece I make has had a life before and I like that sometimes in a refined piece of lighting that history shows through in a slight imperfection,’ he says.

Every pendant, lamp and sconce is made to order with Chris on the tools.

From residential kitchens to commercial cafes, we predict you’ll be seeing a lot more of Sundown Lighting’s work very soon!

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