These podcasts will wow your kids all summer (and you’ll love them, too)

As the final weeks of school are winding down, we’re all looking forward to roadtrips, lazy summer days, and a lot more free time with our kiddos. Anything that adds a sense of wonder and fun to our days is certainly welcome in my house! 

That’s where Wondery comes in. Their Kids and Family podcasts are brimming with engaging STEM, history, fun facts and storytelling. With popular shows like Wow in the World,  The Cat in the Hat Cast, and Once Upon a Beat, pressing play provides low-lift, easy entertainment—and, importantly, a break for you.

We don’t need to have an epic (and expensive) adventure every day of the summer to feel connected: sharing an interest is such a sweet way to bond. These podcasts easily integrate into our daily life—I love putting on a podcast while cooking dinner together or driving to add a bit of magic to our everyday moments. 

Wondery has dubbed this the “Summer of Wow”, aiming to help kids find their sense of wonder and become lifelong learners. Summer’s more laid back schedule creates the ideal invitation to share adventures with our kiddos. I love Wondery’s perspective that WOW moments are waiting for us whether we’re heading out on a road trip, hiking a national park, or exploring in our own backyard. To really bring the WOW to kids and their parents, Wondery has partnered with Tinkercast to create a real-life scavenger hunt with WOW missions in each episode of Wow in the World every week. A weekly built-in adventure for us to do together? Yes, please!

Ready to discover your family’s favorite new podcast? 

Here are the family-friendly shows we love: 

The summertime parenting struggle can be very real. There’s a lot of time and space to fill, we want to keep our kids’ minds engaged and curious, and of course, the internalized guilt to make every summer count. Social media reminds us to make the most of these ever-fleeting summers (no pressure!). But finding ways to stay connected while getting an actual rest can be challenging amidst all the Pinterest crafts and sprinkler games.

Whether your kids love comedy or drama, animal facts or ancient Egypt: finding activities for everyone in the family to enjoy when we’re all at different ages and stages can be tricky, but my favorite part of the Wondery podcast lineup is that I genuinely enjoy co-listening with my kids. 

Turning on a podcast and giggling together at the funny parts, looking at each other wide-eyed when you learn a cool fact, and then talking about it later over dinner—that’s exactly the type of together-time I cherish.

There’s just something so special about feeling like you have an “in” with your kids. Seeing them gladly forgo screen time to listen to a podcast with me, laughing together over something silly as we co-listen, and overhearing them share some new animal facts with a friend at the park are just a few heartwarming gems these podcasts have given us.

I know Wondery wants to help kids find their wow, but to be honest, I’ve had some pretty stellar wow moments as a mom, too. 

Ready to find your own wow-moments? Wondery wants Motherly readers to enjoy their own Summer of Wow with a one-month free trial to Wondery+ for ad-free content the whole family will enjoy (that’s over 45,000 episodes)!

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