Travis Kelce’s Old Tweets Are Hilarious—and, Sometimes, Wise

Travis Kelce’s fame predates his current relationship with a certain pop star, but it’s only in the past week that he’s experienced the true hallmark of stardom: Having his old Twitter posts unearthed and dissected in a wave of viral quote-tweets. But unlike the many other public figures and internet “main characters” whose old tweets are so often denounced as problematic as soon as they are rediscovered, the posts by Kansas City Chiefs tight end have largely been greeted with approval, even joy, for their wholesome, golden retriever-like energy. Pick one at random—they all share an irresistible enthusiasm for low-stakes pleasures in life, and equally endearing propensity for typos. A prime example: “I just gave a squirle a peice of bread and it straight smashed all of it!!!! I had no idea they ate bread like that!! Haha #crazy.”

But the sheer earnestness of Kelce’s posts—the bulk of which are from the early 2010s, when he was playing for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats—are not unique to him: They’re a relic of an earlier internet. Many of us were sharing posts that ranged from complaints about school to profoundly inscrutable life musings, but we didn’t all start dating the most famous person in the world, so it’s Kelce’s history that’s being marveled at.

As the internet delights in discovering more and more of Kelce’s tweets about math class and “chipolte” (sic), it can be hard to keep up. GQ has collected some of his most notable contributions to the discourse.

Pearls of wisdom

These tweets may resist literal interpretation. But they could work as song lyrics. William Bowery who?

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