Where Did Those Rumors of Liam Hemsworth Cheating on Miley Cyrus Come From? An Investigation

Now, this is how you win the breakup. “Flowers,” about the beauty of not needing a man in your life, garnered Miley Cyrus her first ever Grammy Award. Liam who?

During her performance of the song at the awards show, she seemingly hinted at both the downs and ups of her life, modifying the lyrics to the song by adding, “I didn’t want to leave you—but I had to—I didn’t want to fight—but we did—started to cry, then remembered, I just won my first Grammy!”

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Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Cyrus has updated the lyrics to the song.

“I wrote it in a really different way,” she told British Vogue. “The chorus was originally: ‘I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, but I can’t love me better than you can.’ It used to be more, like, 1950s. The saddest song, like, ‘Sure, I can be my own lover, but you’re so much better.’” As for the lyrics that ultimately ended up on the album, she said, “The song is a little fake it till you make it…which I’m a big fan of.” You can hear the old version here:

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