Who Is Olivia Henson, the New Duchess of Westminster?

The cathedral has family ties too, as Grosvenor’s sister, Lady Tamara Grosvenor married Edward Van Custem at the site in 2004.

Chester Cathedral was also where a memorial service was held for the late Duke of Westminster— Grosvenor’s father, Gerald—who died in 2016.

“We’ve obviously got a long association with the cathedral as a family,” the Duke said. “We were here for my father’s memorial, my sister’s wedding, and every Remembrance Sunday that I can attend is here.”

Who is Hugh Grosvenor and how did he become the Duke of Westminster?

Hugh Grosvenor was just 25 when his father passed away in 2016—Gerald Grosvenor died from a heart attack at the age of 64. Despite having older sisters, the ancient custom of primogeniture meant that the title, and the fortune that came with it, went to the sole male heir.

Hugh Grosvenor at his wedding.

Neil Mockford

This makes Grosvenor the richest man in the UK under the age of 40. The Grosvenor Group has land holdings including 1,500 properties across 60 countries. They own 50% of Mayfair in London, and 300 acres in the Belgravia neighborhood.

Despite being the sole male heir, Tatler confirmed that Grosvenor receives the same share from the estate as his month, Natalia, and three sisters.

Grosvenor attended Newcastle University, achieving honors in agriculture, which made him the first Duke of Westminster to receive a degree.

The Grosvenors have long been connected to the royal family and, along with being a godfather to Prince Archie, Grosvenor is also godfather to Prince George.

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