Whoopi Goldberg Reunited the Sister Act 2 Student Cast and the Millennials Need a Moment

In addition to the former cast, current students from New York City’s LaGuardia High School of Music & Art joined in the performance. With or without Hill, the reunion of Sister Act 2‘s student cast with their fictional choir director left the Millennials unwell.

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“I don’t think y’all understand what this movie means to me. I think I spent all of 2nd/3rd grade watching this movie every single day after school,” wrote one such Millennial on X. Another person posted, “Well damn. This brought me back and now I need a moment.” A TikTok creator posted a video of themselves dancing and singing along with the comment, “Millennials watching Sister Act 2 reunion,” to which one person commented, “Went on a rollercoaster of emotions watching this!!! Happiness, nostalgia, then I cried when Whoopi cried!!!” Meanwhile, on Instagram, commenters wrote, “Oh my god just watched in my kitchen and my body suddenly remembered the whole dance routine,” and, “Hands down the best show you have had in many years. Congratulations on making magic and reviving many great memories.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a classic ’90s movie to go rewatch now.

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